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TWT Line-Up

LD7260 series

Type No. LD7260 LD7260W
Frequency Range 5.85-6.425GHz 5.85-6.65GHz
Rated Output Power 2250W
Helix Voltage 15.0kV
Collector Voltage 9.75/5.25kV or 9.75/4.5kV
Anode Voltage -
Heater Voltage 6.0V
Power Gain 48dB
AM to PM Conversion
(at rated power)
(total power at rated power-10dB)
Cooling Forced Air
Focusing Periodic Permanent Magnet
RF Connections input Type SMA Female
output Mate with CPR-137Flange
Weight 11kg
Collector Stage 2
Slow Wave Circuit Helix type